• Putrajaya Lake and Wetland Management & Operational System (PLWMOS)

    The PLWMOS system is intended to serve as the main environmental database and spatial analytical tool for the current survey of hydrology, physico-chemical, and biotics parameters of Putrajaya lake and wetlands. The intended PLWMOS system will have functionalities for data entry, environmental modeling and online report submission and shall have the capability to be linked to the existing system (or systems) within CMC (e.g. EMMS). PLWMOS will also be designed as a knowledge-based decision support system particularly to serve as an early warning system to alert for potential environmental problems.

    The main objectives of Putrajaya Lake and Wetland Management & Operational System (PLWMOS) system includes:

    • To provide data entry module for scientists & technical consultants.
    • To setup a centralized, easily accessible, and integrated environmental database management system.
    • To develop monitoring & environmental assessment modules based on techniques and models within the scope as advised by the sectoral consultants
    • To develop and provide means for internet based report submission and assessment module (data reports and results visualization).
    • To develop an early warning system to alarm for potential environmental problems.
    • For more details please click to http://plwmos.ppj.gov.my