Regulations and Enforcement and Control

Formal regulations are required to enable the Corporation to have effective control over the lake en route for maintaining the lake in an acceptable condition as planned. The objectives of the regulations, control and enforcement are to ensure the management objectives mentioned above be achieved in a systematic and regulated manner.

Guidelines such as Lake Management guidelines, The Putrajaya Lake Use Master Plan, Environmental Management Guidelines, The Catchment Management Guidelines and others , which are related in one way or another to the overall lake and wetland management, had been developed and introduced by the management of Putrajaya Corporation to cover a wide scope of concern.

Zoning of the lake and wetlands is an important start to control the possible activities that are allowed in or around the lake. The lake zoning sysem has been useful, particularly in guiding the appropriate uses and activities.

Activities that might adversely affect the quality and integrity of lake and wetlands, the general amenity of parks and open spaces, residential neighborhoods and government institutional areas are deemed as prohibited in the lake and wetlands area. Similarly, activities that cause damage to banks (e.g. as a result of wash of fast large craft) and the overall water quality of the lake are forbidden.

The rules provide control of all activities that are envisaged to be undertaken in the lake and wetlands. Several user guidelines such as Guidelines for Licensing of Motorized Leisure boats, Guidelines for Licensing of Fishing and Code of Practice for Boating will be published for public use. Guidelines for the Registration of Non-Motorized Leisure Boats, guidelines for activities requiring permits and approval, such as fishing, will also be published for public use. The user guidelines are meant to supplement the rules and assist users in carrying out the activity within the confines of the law.