• Perbadanan Putrajaya Disaster Management



    Formerly known as the PPj Operations Room and began to actively carry out its functions and roles starting May 5, 2013. Starting November 2017, this team has been improved and known as the PPj Disaster Management Committee.


    The objectives of the establishment of this team are as follows:

    1. Ensure that a more systematic & planned ‘reporting’ mechanism is established on any incidents or incidents that occur around the Putrajaya locality, especially to the top management of PPj;
    2. Ensure that a reactive action can be IMMEDIATELY implemented or taken either by the PPj or by other relevant authorities around Putrajaya, during the occurrence of any unwanted incident in the locality of Putrajaya.
    3. Ensure that a close and sustainable coordination and network will be established between Government Departments/Agencies in Putrajaya, during the occurrence of any incident in the Putrajaya locality; and
    4. Train so that PPj staff will be more prepared in facing a situation or crisis beyond expectations that occur in the field around Putrajaya.


    The membership of this committee consists of various internal departments of PPj and the support team also consists of PPj staff according to their respective expertise. The main goal is to provide immediate assistance and solutions to disasters/incidents that can be resolved within PPj's own logistical capacity and capability. Among the disasters/incidents managed by this team are flash floods, fallen trees, lake pollution, accidents and so on.

    If it is found that the disaster requires the mobilization of resources from outside agencies, this matter will be taken to a higher level, namely the District Disaster Management Committee (JPBD) for further action.