• E-Taksiran

    You can forget about the hassle of paying Assessment Rate bill at the counter. Register with us and you can have your bills and make your payments online.

    1. If you wish to have your Assessment Rate bill presented online, you need to register with us.

       Or if you have already registered with us, please sign in here.

    2. Track your Assessment Rate bill or multiple Assessment Rate bills online. You may also choose to pay for the bill online via this portal. Enjoy all these privilege as community members of Portal Perbadanan Putrajaya.

    3. Tips

    STEP 1 : User must provide customer number and account number in your current bill.

    STEP 2 : Input your account number by click item No. 2 [activate your e-Cukai account].

    STEP 3 : Your current bill will be list after browser refreshing. See Online e-Cukai account.

    STEP 4 : By clicking [view latest bill and make payment], information bill will appear and please check all the details.

    STEP 5 : Click button [Make Payment] and input all particular credit card corrrectly and proceed to [Submit].

    STEP 6 : After approval from the bank, an email will be send to you and your bill will have printed as 'PAID'.

    4. Pembayaran Saluran kami:

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