• Operation and Maintainance Activities

    Operation and Maintainance Activities

    Operation and maintenance activities cover a wide portion of the overall management requirements. The maintenance scope within the lake and wetlands areas are as below :

    The Maintenance Areas and Scopes

    Maintenance AreasMaintenance Scopes
    >td >• Flora  • Fauna  • Fish    • Pest    • Litters    • Sediments
    >td >• Water Quality Monitoring • Water Quantity Monitoring • Water Quantity Controlling • Water Quality Enhancement
    >td >• Shorelines • Weirs • Inlet/Outlet • Pump
    >td >• The Machines/Equipments • Analysis chemicals • Apparatus
    >td >• The Plant Species The Irrigation system  • The Fertilizers  • The Machines/Equipments
    >td >• The Structures/Pumps/Buildings  • The Machines/Equipments/Apparatus • The Plants/Birds/Fish/Aquatic life/Fauna • The Data and analysis
    >td >• Enforcement and Security Navigation  • Emergency Response


    Monitoring Programs

    Monitoring programs is part of the management activities that is undertaken to ensure a fair assessment of the wetland functions in relation to its ecological and management requirements as well as confirming the water quality status of the lake. It is also done to measure the status of the operational objectives. The monitoring data is also important for management decisions and for future development program.

    Monitoring activities for the Putrajaya Wetland and Lake Management

    >td >Bird-Include migratory bird, water bird and the existing bird within the wetland and lake. -Include the bird family which is not expected in the area
    Fauna-Wildlife community, its protection and survival -Include pest and other control of Undesirable Species
    Biological monitoringPlant Management-Plant performance - plant nutrient uptake -Plant health and density -Pest Infestation -Weeds - aquatic and on land -Fertilizer and herbicides application
    Fish-Control of undesirable species -Routine fish sampling and restocking -Stocking of endangered and rare species -Illegal fishing
    Sediment-The quantity or volume of sediment -trace pollutant content -Hydrographic and wetland depth survey
    Water Quality monitoring>td >-Water runoff quantity -Water runoff quality -Ground water quantity and quality 
    Putrajaya area-Water Runoff Quantity -Water Runoff Quality -The Wetland water quality -The Lake water quality
    Other Management PurposeMaintenance-Structural integrity - weirs, dam -Water Level Management -Wetland Plant Nursery -Security
    EducationResearch, Community Awareness and Education, Tourism