• LA 21 Benefits


    Community and Indviduals

    1. Your views are considered in the planning and implementation of programs to improve the quality of life in your area.
    2. PBT (Perbadanan Putrajaya will be more sensitive, empathy and caring for your needs as individuals and communities
    3. Your environment can be changed by taking into account the comfort and quality of life
    4. Increase your sense of pride, love and responsibility to the environment and communities in your area (sense of belonging)

    Society, Non Goverment Organisation (NGO) & Private Sector

    1. Enhance the image of your establishment as a community or corporate body that is responsible and sensitive to the needs of the local community and other stakeholders.
    2. The opportunity to plan and manage physical, social, economic, landscape and environmental development in your area together with Local Authorities (Putrajaya Corporation)
    3. Opportunity to serve the community