• Wetland Park

    Putrajaya Wetlands are considered Putrajaya's kidneys that play an important role in ensuring ecosystems in Putrajaya are balanced through natural water filtration of 2 major rivers flowing into Putrajaya, the Chua and Sungai Bisa along with 3 other rivers.

    Pollution of pollutants, deposits and nutrients is naturally carried out through over 70 species of ravens grown in 24 cells.

    Wetland Park is the largest man-made freshwater wetland in Malaysia and Tropics.

    Wetland means where water is a factor in its existence. Examples of wetlands are rivers, lakes, marshes, rays, mangroves, coastal waters, freshwater forests, paddy fields, canals and more.

    In Wetland Park there is a Center for Nature Consciousness as an information and education center on wetlands to foster public awareness about wetland's functions and interests.