• PRoSE Information

    Putrajaya Road Safety Education Program, PRoSE, established under the Enforcement Division, Putrajaya Corporation works to implement programs and activities aimed at raising awareness and awareness of the Putrajaya community on the importance of adhering to road safety regulations to create road conditions survivors in Putrajaya.

    The goal of the PRoSe establishment is also in line with the intention to target the Zero Death Accident involving the people of Putrajaya as set out in the Putrajaya Safe City Program.


    Zero Death Accident involving Putrajaya residents on the Highway in Putrajaya.


    Implement an integrated program / activity involving the community in Putrajaya to achieve its vision.


    1) Promote the Culture of Camping on the Road among the people of Putrajaya.

    2) Increase Road Safety Awareness more effectively and practically.

    3) Establish a Self Regulated Community in addressing road safety issues.

    4) Establishing an integrated Putrajaya Community.

    Implementation Focus