• Features of the Garden

    • Located in Precinct 11 with an area of approximately 117 acres.
    • Known for the highland forest or the Coniferous Forest because it is filled with plants of the gymnosperm species.
    • The garden surrounds 3 hills (sections) and each part is decorated with different landscapes.

    There are 3 main parks (bustan) in Taman Saujana Hijau namely:

    • British bustan (adorned with an array of exotic plants such as elephant elbow cyclist, Mexican fern palm and Zululand cycad. There are also colorful seasonal flowers and a combination of various pine trees in the garden.
    • Bustan Oriental (located at the highest peak in the park gives you an interesting view while here.) Among the plants planted here are top spinach, oil resin, bamboo and more.
    • European bustan (There are various species of pine trees, juniper cultivars, thuja and cyclers in this bustan.)