• Features Of The Garden

    • Located at Presint 16 Putrajaya.
    • This 35 acres (14 hectare) park including 9 acres (3.6 hectares) is a plot plot.
    • This garden is a village of various types of fruits and agricultural crops such as:

                a) Seasonal fruits - durian, longan, guava, mangosteen.  

                b) Fruit is not seasonal - Ciku, cempedak, jackfruit.

                c) Fruits - Rokam, butter, nam, nam.

                d) Herbs and Spices - Sambung Nyawa, Ganda Rusa, Mas Cotek, Tongkat Ali, Basil and many more.

                e) Plot Rubber

                f) Industrial Plants - black pepper, coffee, rice, oil palm

                g) Plantation Crops

                h) Freshwater Fish Breeding - Talapia, Lampam, Rohu, Pacu and more.

    • There is a slab processing rubber sheet - to show viewers tapping demonstrations, picking latex, processing latex into rubber sheet and inserting rubber into the smoke house to make rubber pieces.
    • The garden also makes agro and Agriculture products sales every last Sunday of the month in every month known as Putrajaya Agro Heritage.