• Press Release

    Putrajaya between 20 world cities to be the location of the Parkrun international run program


    Putrajaya is one of the 20 cities in the world which is the destination of the Parkrun international run program.

    Parkrun is a UK-based run program with local community involvement and has now been held in 1,510 parks around the world such as Canada, Germany and Ireland.

    President of Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj), Datuk Dr. Aminuddin Hassim said he was proud that Putrajaya was chosen to be the location of the program which took place on Saturday.

    More proudly said, the record of participation of 337 people has made Putrajaya among the five Parkrun locations in Asia which recorded the highest attendance record.

    "Parkrun is actually a five kilometer (KM) run that starts at the Presint Futsal Complex until the Garden Park before turning back to the starting line.

    "The uniqueness of the run is the concept of relax and free and is fully organized by volunteers and communities," he said in a press conference after the Parkrun Putrajaya Launching Ceremony here today.

    According to Aminuddin, Parkrun Putrajaya has started since November 3 last year and on average received 160 people each week including from abroad.

    He said that PPJ fully supports the event as it not only encourages Putrajaya residents to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, but also involve voluntary community collaboration.

    "Compared to other run events, participants are charged fees, shirts, medals and food and so on, but this is all because all participants have nothing but satisfaction.

    "No matter young or old, people with disabilities (OKU) are also involved in wheelchairs. There are also parents who bring their children while pushing the stroller, "he said.

    Members interested in joining or learning more about Parkrun Putrajaya can visit the website www.parkrun.my/register