• Botanical Garden

    The Putrajaya Botanical Garden was conferred as one of Asia’s Most Amazing Garden by the Royal Chelsea Foundation, London at the World Premier Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2008.The Botanical Garden is also listed among the 40 beautiful and fun parks in Asia by the book Paradise Found: Journeys Through Noble Gardens of Asia. Phase 1, conceptualized "floral atrractions" brings together more than 750 plant species from 13 collections of plant themes coming from different continents.

    It also houses the Moroccan Pavilion Islamic Garden, which is characterized by Moroccan heritage and its art-inspired architecture inspired by its towns like Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat. Ethnobotanical Park which is the latest attraction to relax and be able to recognize many interesting plants. Ethnobotany refers to the study of interactions between humans and plants involving various aspects of medicine, food sources, economics and culture.

    The park is divided into eight botanical themes: Malaysian Ulam and Medicinal, Bambusetum, Zingiberales, Edible Fruit Arboretum, Lawn and Gramineae, Forest Fringe and Aboriginal Medicinal Plants, Conservatory and Ecological Pond. The beauty of this park is located in a green area overlooking the lake which makes visitors fascinated by cultural elements incorporated in designs such as traditional wakaf, flower-theme park lighting and plant-based scientific labels.