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:: e-Submission
You can submit application and plans electronically related to Planning and Building.Click here
:: Interactive Map
To see information on Putrajaya with GIS technology. Click here
:: Directory Services
City directory services that Putrajaya offers.
:: Pangsapuri Mampu Milik
You may click on the link to view the rental application form. You can either apply as Individual or Company.
:: Commercial
e-Procurement, buletin board system and tender notices is at your fingertips.Click here

The list of links below will keep you up to date with news around Putrajaya and Malaysia in general.
:: Putrajaya News
Aplikasi e-Khairat semak ketulenan kutipan derma (28 Sep 2016)
Aplikasi e-Khairat semak ketulenan kutipan derma
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    Audit mengejut dilakukan demi kepentingan awam (28 Sep 2016)
    KPM sambut baik Rela kawal lalu lintas sekolah (27 Sep 2016)
    Tingkat keselamatan murid (27 Sep 2016)
    Joy of cycling and beatiful trees (26 Sep 2016)
    Penang racing team full of fire (26 Sep 2016)
    Susahnya tiada air (26 Sep 2016)
    Nadi bakal kendalikan bas sekolah percuma kepada anak penghuni (26 Sep 2016)
    Uji stamina basah, kering (26 Sep 2016)
    Gangguan bekalan air di KL, Petaling Selasa ini (25 Sep 2016)
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