Perdana Putra Building (Prime Minister's Office)

The Perdana Putra Building at 50 metres above sea-level overlooks the Putrajaya Lake. The natural stone clad building with its green pitched roof and onion-shaped main dome, surrounded by four smaller domes forms the distinctive land mark of Putrajaya.

The complex houses the offices of the:

  • Prime Minister
  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department
  • Chief Secretary to the Government
  • Implementation Coordination Unit
  • Science Advisor's Office
  • Special Technology Unit
  • Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT)

Together with the Putra Mosque, the Dataran Putra, and Perdana Walk, they form the main components of Presint 1.

Perdana Putra Building
Perdana Putra Building