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:: e-Pemajuan (formerly known as e-Submission)
Attention to all QP: Please download ESPro V2.1 and ESPro Patch V2.2 from Electronic Submission Hub download application area. You may download our latest Electronic Submission Standard V2.3.
Please be informed that all payment has to be made within 7 working days starting from the date of the submission. Failure to do so will result in your submission be terminated. You may need to submit again as new submission after that period of time.
The e-Pemajuan Module facilitates the submission of applications and plans that relates to Planning and Building electronically. With this service, the submission of the abovementioned documentations can now be done at the consultants/applicants convenient time.
This link is to allow consultants/applicants get access to PPj ES Hub Page. Consultants/Applicants can perform the following at this page.
  •  Register as Qualified Person
  •  Register Company
  •  Submission Status Enquiry
  •  Search Project (help to identify Short Project Name)
  •  Register new Project (register new Short Project Name according to standard)
  •  Edit QP profile & Change Password
  •  Download & Install ESPro software
    This is to allow consultants/applicants download a copy of the Electronic Submission Standard documents.
  • OSC Seminar Presentation Slide
    If you wish to have your E-Pemajuan bill presented online, you need to register with us.
    Or if you have already registered with us, please sign in here.

    Enjoy all these privilege as community members of MyPutrajaya.net

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